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Sorry but..Later Days is Dead

Actually i'm not. It's been some time now that the members have been having creative differences and miscommunication issues that resulted in laziness and half-ass praticing. I am taking the name "Later Days " and giving it to anyone who wants it and deserve it. I own this site, I own the publishing rights to the whole name. Fight me in court or whatever you want to. I have proof that I do, and to make a point of how I dragged this thing on in it's final stages (which are now), i'll defend myself in court with no shame...but I belive it won't get to that point. I'd like to thank everyone that supported us and believed in us; but the biggest problem was that some of us didn't believe in us (back to the laziness issue), and so farewell and i'm now working on a new band called "Minus-1." Good luck to everyone else in the band who'd want to continue to work toward that dream that was drempt so long ago in my parents living room. I believe that the intrests and messages in what to do and say became so different that it was already 3 seperate bands instead of one, I just think that it'd had to be done physically. So i'm out...and....this is my final.....Later Days......
former guitarist, vocalist-Jamar Alexander